Kind words from happy students

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Braja’s teaching is always thought-provoking, challenging yet supportive, and spiced with a dash of wry humor. 

With very precise instructions, expert and uncannily apropos adjustments, and firm but gentle encouragement, she has helped me improve my flexibility, balance, strength, mental focus, and patience.  I return from shavasana knowing myself a little better, and with a renewed commitment to my family, friends and community.  Thank you, Braja.

— Mike Evans

Braja's deep knowledge of yogic philosophy adds enormous value to her classes.

Whether one is new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, there is always something to learn with Braja and new perspective to be gained. I enjoy her classes immensely and also appreciate the warmth and love that always infuses her teaching.

— Basha Jamil

I look forward to each class with Braja, knowing that it will be an experience.

I leave every class feeling like I've connected with myself in a deeper way. Braja brings a confidence and attention to detail that makes each class feel like a personal experience. Her hands-on adjustments have made poses that I did not think were accessible become more attainable. A beautiful balance of experience, wisdom, intensity and compassion. I highly recommend taking Braja's classes and workshops.

— Jessie Hill

From the moment you step into a class with Braja, you feel her wholesome dedication and love for the practice and her students. Braja’s deep knowledge and experience with a range of yogic traditions - Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and sheer Bhakti - relay a sense of inner openness to each student’s preferences and needs. I especially enjoy the deep dive toward inner peace and awareness when practicing with Braja.

— Kirsten Ahern, RYT-500

After first meeting Braja, initially my Vinyasa practice deepened, but I also took many other types of classes with her, including Yin, Aromatherapy, and Breathwork. Without realizing it, more than just the physical element was changing.

I was slowly being exposed to the more spiritual side of Yoga.  This has helped me immensely as the speed bumps of life appear.  I’ve learned how to make it through each and every bump, from small to life altering.

In November 2017 I traveled to India with Braja.  There, my practice continued to advance as Braja shared her vast knowledge and beautiful voice with our group.  I continue to take classes with Braja, but through her teachings I’ve also been able to develop my own practice and explore the deeper meaning of Yoga outside of the studio environment.

— Brian Fouche

Deep spirituality through mantras, consciousness of connecting to the breath, and a focus on the chakras. Beautiful and safe asana practices. Infused sense of humor and lightness to remind us not to take life too seriously.

Calming and invigorating aromatherapy sessions. These are just a few of the gifts that I have received from Braja’s yoga classes over the years. Braja embodies the essence of yoga through her welcoming and loving presence that she offers to her students in every class. Braja is a teacher who I trust to guide me on my spiritual path while giving me the space I need to grow my yogic and asana practices. Her asana practices are balanced, gently pushing me to play on my edges, softening into them when I can. Her in-depth knowledge of the body’s structure and alignment in each position and transition allows me to safely practice asanas while not exacerbating my back injuries. I am so grateful to have found her as a yoga teacher, and look forward to continue learning from her.

— Sarah Byrne

I left Braja’s Yin Yoga training feeling inspired and nourished and much more knowledgeable about Yin and what I want to communicate when I teach it. Her energy was so lovely, and I think it brightened up the whole weekend.

— Aleksandra Ristovic

Yin yoga with Braja has become an essential part of my physical and mental self-care.

With Braja as an instructor, I have increased my flexibility and calmed my mind (which is usually in overdrive). She always puts together a great class that also increases our understanding of the practice and how it benefits our health. I would highly recommend Braja’s Yin and her other yoga classes.

— Thais Austin