I offer Breathwork group classes, workshops and private sessions


Private Breathwork Sessions

Each one-on-one breathwork session is tailored specifically to you, your intention and your needs. Using different breathwork methods, you can achieve quick results in bringing your body and mind back into balance.

You can start with a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your personal goals and areas of potential focus.

Your first session will be for 30 minutes at an introductory cost of $30.

Follow up sessions are available as singles or packages:

$40 - 30 minute session

$140 - four 30 minute sessions

Group classes and workshops for breathwork

I regularly teach Breath work and Pranayama group classes and workshops in the DC and Maryland area. To find an upcoming class, please check the schedule.


About Breathwork

For the majority of us, the capacity of our breath rises only to a fraction of its potential. It can be inhibited by a number of conditions and events.

Whenever we undergo difficult moments in life, we tend to hold our breath, locking tension in place. Those moments begin to pile up and soon we are using only a small part of our capacity to breathe.

The study and practice of breathwork (pranayama) can restore and expand our breath capacity, balance our nervous system, and help to restore clarity and emotional stability.

Braja’s breathwork credentials

I’ve been studying and practicing breathwork (pranayama) for nearly 15 years and have been deeply transformed by it. I began my studies in India within Swami Sivananda tradition and later continued within Sri Krishnamacharya lineage, studying with Gary Kraftsow.

I travel to India regularly to continue my studies and to work with contemporary approaches to breathwork.