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Samankonāsana-middle splits and how to progressively work towards it

An asana in itself is never the goal of our practice. Instead, we focus on building the steady mind beyond it. That, however, does not mean we do not practice diligently and try to understand our body better as we move it in a specific direction. Therefore, this workshop is dedicated to a single pose and how to practice it, using biomechanics, breath and mantra together as we get deeper into the physical frame.

In this workshop we will work step by step towards Samankonāsana-middle splits. There will be different elements and methods for each person to apply and work with. We will use breath and mantra to help us overcome any energetic blockages in the hip area, as well as both passive and active stretching methods.You will walk out with a different perspective on your body and a written practice guide to help you as you continue to work on all elements of the asana.

June 22nd 2-4pm

At Bhakti Yoga DC

Price $30